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General Assembly

Narcotic Drugs.


Submission of annual reports and communication concerning illicit drug traffic cases.
Report of the International Narcotics Control Board.
World requirements of opiates for medical and scientific purposes.
Long-term projections for legal opiate supply and demand.
Sustained contributions to the United Nations Fund for Drug Abuse Control.


Resolution 1 (S-V)
International Convention on customs enforcement.
Resolution 2 (S-V)
Measures against the use of acetic anydride or acetyl-chloride in the illicit manufacture of heroin.
Resolution 3 (S-V)
Relations between the Sub-Commission on Illicit Drug Traffic and Related Matters in the Near and Middle East and the Meeting of Operational Heads of National Narcotics Law Enforcement Agencies, Far East Region.
Resolution 4 (S-V)
International shipments of small quantities of drugs seized in the illicit traffic.
Resolution 5 (S-V)
Prohibition of the use of heroin on human beings.
Resolution 6 (S-V)
Notifications concerning the scope of control Psychotropic Substances.
Resolution 7 (S-V)
Limitation of the use of LSD to strictly controlled medical and scientific research.
Resolution 8 (S-V)
Necessary resources for international drug control from the United Nations regular budget.
Resolution 9 (S-V)
Exchange of information concerning programmes aimed at reducing illicit demand for drugs.
Resolution 10 (S-V)
Programmes of assistance to developing countries.
Decision 1 (S-V)
Convening of regional meetings of experts in response to General Assembly resolution 32/124.
Decision 2 (S-V)
Publication of texts of conventions in Arabic.
Decision 3 (S-V)
Amendment to No. 10 of the List of Substances in Schedule I annexed to the 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances.
Decision 4 (S-V)
Implementation of the international treaties on narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.
Decision 5 (S-V)
Compilation - with classification according to subject - of resolutions and decisions of the United Nations drug control organs (from 1946 to date).
Decision 6 (S-V)
Clarification of terms relevant to the implementation of the international drug control treaties.
Decision 7 (S-V)
The procedure followed by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in connexion with its response to General Assembly resolution 32/124.
Decision 8 (S-V)
Change of name of the organs and bodies entrusted with international drug control.