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1996 * SECRET POWER New Zealand's Role in the International Spy Network * Nicky Hager

Published by Craig Potton Publishing, PO Box 555, Nelson, New Zealand
First published 1996, Reprinted 1996

Praise and Press


Foreword by David Lange

Foreword by Jeffrey Richelson 


Chapter 1 - 1984

Chapter 2 - Hooked up to the spy network: the UKUSA system

Chapter 3 The power of the Dictionary: inside ECHELON
Chapter 4 Fighting the Cold War: the rold of UKUSA
Chapter 5 The GCSB, ANZUS and a nuclear-free New Zealand
Chapter 6 Behind closed doors: what happens inside the GCSB
Chapter 7 The organisation: secret structures of the GCSB
Chapter 8 Secret squirrels: who runs the GCSB
Chapter 9 Station NZC-332: electronic eavesdropping from Tangimoana
Chapter 10 Under the radome: what happens at Waihopai
Chapter 11 The facts in the filofax: military signals intelligence missions
Chapter 12 What are the secrets? The intelligence product
Chapter 13 Who watches the watchers? Overseeing the intelligence agencies
Chapter 14 Leaving the intelligence alliance



A Who's who in New Zealand foreign intelligence organisations

B A guided tour of secret intelligence facilities

  • Waihopai
  • Tangimoana
  • Overseas stations

C Where the intelligence ends up

  • External Assessments Bureau
  • Directorate of Defence Intelligence
  • Courier links to the overseas agencies

D Second World War signals intelligence history



Index and Glossary