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1999 05 25 * US House of Represantatives - Select Committee on U.S. National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the Peoples Republic of China * Final Report * Cristopher Cox

a. Contents

b. Detailed Contents

c. Overwiev

d. Chapter 1 - PRC Acquisition of U.S. Technology

e. Chapter 2 - PRC Theft of U.S. Thermonuclear Warhead Designs

f. Chapter 3 - High-Performance Computers

g. Chapter 4 - PRC Missile and Space Forces

h. Chapter 5 - Satellite Launches in the PRC: Hughes

i. Chapter 6 - Satellite Launches in the PRC: Loral

l. Chapter 7 - PRC Launch Site Security

m. Chapter 8 - Commercial Space Insurance

n. Chapter 9 - U.S. Export Policy Toward the PRC

o. Chapter 10 - Manufacturing Processes

p. Chapter 11 - Recommendations

q. Appendices

r. Chapt 1-4 Notes

s. Chapt 5-8 Notes

t. Chapt 9-11 Notes